is to raise the engagement and productivity of companies, especially for their shop-floor teams, through regular and effective internal communication.


forward-thinking manufacturing, industrial and distribution businesses.


because we have worked in these industries for over

15 years;  we understand the issues and the culture.


is simple, independent, sustainable, inclusive and proven.


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Who we are

Full Circle Communications Pty (Ltd) is a level 6 BBBEE contributor with offices in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg, enabling us to easily service clients throughout the country.

Started in 2003, the company has grown dramatically due to the remarkable demand for its workplace communication system.

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Full Circle Business Communications is about driving positive change and improving productivity. We do this by recommending, designing, implementing and managing workplace communication systems, bridging the communication gap between the shop floor and management.

We pride ourselves on the analysis of more than 15 years’ of ongoing research into employee engagement and the satisfaction of employees’ psychological needs, and being able to draw on more than 50 000 responses to quantitative and qualitative research conducted on over 200 shop floors in the manufacturing, industrial and distribution sectors in South Africa.

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We identify specific strategic objectives and productivity metrics to determine what you would like your workplace communication system to achieve.


We conduct a thorough review of current communication in your workplace by means of sample surveys, focus groups and interviews.

This review looks at what channels you are using, as well as what communication you are providing both formally and informally. It gives us the ability to mine data relating to how the shop floor relates, communicates, and engages with management. We also look at your manufacturing, warehouse and administration locations and shift patterns to identify the best communication nodes.

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We use creativity and technology to engage employees and foster action.

We undertake the collection, design and dissemination of communication (through a range of channels: print, video, smartphone app. etc.) to all employees at all levels on a regular, consistent and inclusive basis.

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To implement the new system, we identify and select (in conjunction with yourselves) communication facilitators at the site and train them.

Facilitators are trained in the operation of the system and in general communication skills. In addition to the facilitators, we workshop the communication system with your supervisors and managers. Our past experience shows that management ownership of the internal communication process is an essential element of its success. Full Circle client services staff are in daily contact with site management, supervisors, and the shop floor, and build their trust and co-operation.

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Some of our past and present clients

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CLIENT Testimonials

“FCC helped Glencore reduce fatalities from 14 to zero over an 18-month period in Kazakhstan by using simple messaging urging miners to put their safety first.”

Stephen Eichstadt

Glencore, Group Manager Health and Safety

“The service has helped a great deal in the communication in the brewery. The guys on the shop floor don’t check their emails regularly, so they tend to miss out on some of the communication that goes out to site. So the service has helped with that aspect.”

Siseko Dastile

Ibhayi Brewery

“The internal communication solutions provided by Full Circle Business Communications has greatly assisted our business to effectively engage and communicate with our 2 700 employees based in Port Elizabeth and East London.   I sincerely appreciate the teams solutions based approach and the meaningful connections created across all ‘levels’ and departments.”

Sandiswa Hewana

Communications Specialist, Aspen Pharmacare

“The Full Circle Communications model works wonders.
It has revolutionised internal communications at all our sites.”

Margaret Rowe

Communications Manager, Shell and BP Oil Refinery

“It improves communication to the employees and is done very professionally. Communication is in the same format, people know what to expect and it just makes it a lot easier for us.”

Jacus Hattingh

HR Manager, Distell

“Full Circle Communications has mastered the art of communicating with employees.
With this model, we have improved our brand as an employer.”

Halian Stripp

HR Director, Entyce Beverages, National Brands

“The Full Circle Communications model has raised and maintained awareness around our specific business imperatives.”

Glenda Sahadow

Corporate Communications Manager, Unilever

“I think the colourful picture displays have increased the awareness among the employees and their involvement with their colleagues. Seeing themselves on the Notice Boards and Picture Stories has given them a sense of wellbeing and being part of the company.”

Craig Carlson

Safety Manager, SACD

“Working for a big company with minimum technology resources for the production employees, communication is very vital and placing all the relevant information on the notice boards has been very helpful. It has made it easy for our employees to get all the information needed at the right time as not all of them have access to emails.”

Connie Masemula

PA for Ops Exec, Snackworks Isando

NEWS AND Insights

Why you should communicate with employees regularly,

not just when you feel like it

One of the most frequent complaints we get during internal communication audits is:

“Management only communicates with us when there is a problem”.

Clearly, this is not conducive to a beneficial, open relationship, and leaves employees feeling ignored and unimportant. But it is not usually a case of management being deliberately difficult. It is often because the company does not have a system which creates continuous communication, or a culture of communication.

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